About Us

Welcome to Globepax!

We are a young but progressive team looking to provide premium financial services in a competitive marketplace. Our up-and-coming financial platform should help people get more control over their assets. This way, they can start saving more money and plan their financial freedom risk-free.

We believe that only through cost-effective financial services can one achieve financial independence. Knowing that your money is safe helps you grow and surpass your limits in today’s challenging world.

Meet the Globepax of financial professionals and accounting experts!

Sebastian Walker

Founder and CEO

With an insatiable hunger for financial freedom, CEO Sebastian Walker is a modern financier and the proud leader of Globepax.

“I strongly believe that, in the 21st century, people should no longer lose money for transfers of savings. The days of high commissions and transaction fees are over. Every individual and business should have 100% control over their assets. This way, our economy can evolve to a new and promising level, and everyone will benefit from it.”

Jennifer Carlston

CFO and Financial Expert

With more than 10 years of experience in banking, Jennifer Carlston is a reputable financial specialist. Her CV includes essential roles at some of the most important financial institutions in the world. Today, she wants to take Globepax to global popularity and use.

Randolph Mitchell

Accountant and Financial Analyst

Mr. Mitchell brings more than his Wall Street experience to Globepax. He also brings a perfectionist and winning mentality to ensure that Globepax reaches its goals.

Timothy Song

Customer Service Specialist

Tim is one of the first Globepax experts to welcome new users onto the platform. His experience in finances and customer service makes him the perfect guide to the many services on Globepax.

Laurie Bjornson

Data Analyst

One of the driving forces behind Globepax is Laurie Bjornson. Her role is to gather and analyze financial data from everywhere in the world. Her job helps create the financial instruments of tomorrow.

Marcus Keane

Website developer

Marcus is responsible for this fantastic website. His job is to make browsing and navigation easy for both new and old Globepax users. When he joined our team, Marcus brought his 10 years of experience in web design and development.